Thesis Program

Electronic digital chronothermostat, elegant in shape with reduced dimensions, with weekly programming for electric towel warmers with fluid heat transfer. Temperature control by sensor in the room environment. It can be assembled with different heating elements that can be easily found or replaced by the major European manufacturers. The display shows each status and mode of user set. The useful open window detection function is present to reduce the waste of electricity; in addition to the ASC function.

Technical specifications

Operational modes Comfort, Boost2h, Timer12h, Timer24h, Antifreeze (7°C), Stand-by,
Fil-Pilote (for Class II model only) Chrono, ASC, Open Window Detection
Conformity marking CE
Supply voltage 230 VAC – 50 Hz
Selectable temperature range 7°C ÷ 32°C
Appliance classes Class I – Class II
IP code IP44
Size 113mm x 73mm x 39mm
Available colours White, Chrome