Thesis Plus

Analogue electronic thermostat for electric towel heaters based on fluid heat transfer. The temperature is controlled by means of a room temperature sensor. The device has an elegant yet functional design suitable for every model of towel radiators. The device can be coupled to several easily replaceable heating element types obtainable from main European manufacturers. It is possible to choose between the following three predefined programs, as indicated in the guide for setting the operational times: 1) – The Boost2h function for a continuous heating for up to 2 hours. 2) – The Timer24h function, which activates the Boost2h function (i.e. up to 2h continuous heating) every day one hour before the selected time (which is e.g. very comfortable for the daily shower). 3) – The Timer12h function, which activates the Boost2h function twice a day (i.e. every 12 hours according to the sequence: 2h on – 10h off – 2h on – 10h off and so on, starting one hour before the selected time).

Technical specifications

Operational modes Comfort, Boost2h, Timer12h, Timer24h, Antifreeze (7°C), Stand-by, Fil-Pilote (for Class II model only)
Conformity marking Œ
Supply voltage 230 VAC – 50 Hz
Range of supported powers 2000 W
Appliance classes Class I – Class II
IP code IP44
Size 113mm x 73mm x 39mm
Available colours White, Chrome