Smart Plus

Electronic thermostat for electric towel heaters based on fluid heat transfer. The temperature is controlled by means of an external sensor. The SMART series has the heating element couples to the thermostat. The symmetry of the device enables both right and left side coupling to the towel heater. It is possible to choose between three predefined programs, as indicated in the guide for setting the operational times. The upper button selects the stand-by/antifreeze modes and the LEDs indicate the selected temperature (14-29°C). The lower button selects the operating mode that is also indicated by a corresponding LED. The side buttons increase or decrease the selected temperature.

Technical specifications

Operational modes Comfort, Boost2h, Timer12h, Timer24h, Stand-by, Key lock, Antifreeze (configurable min. temperature)
Conformity marking Œ
Supply voltage 230 VAC – 50 Hz
Range of supported powers 100 ÷ 1000 W
Selectable temperature range 14°C ÷ 29°C configurable
Maximum thermal fuse
Appliance class Class I – Class II
IP code IP44
Size 56mm x 56mm x 44mm
Available colours White, Chrome