The ONE project is an advanced electronic chronothermostat for electric towel warmers with fluid heat transfer and temperature control via room sensor. The system consists of two units: a fixed one for resistance control, and mobile remote interface with manage all functions.
The fixed unit can be installed on the right side or on the left side of the heating towel rail and communicates bidirectionally with its own remote control; it is supplied already assembled to the heating element.
However, the remote control has a backlit display for a clear view, body is covered with a pleasant interchangeable silicone protective cover, available in seven different colors. Allows the weekly programming. The remote control can be hooked in a comfortable visual area to the elements of the heating towel rail by means of a magnetic support or positioned with a special wall-mounting bracket.
The system can be connected to Android® and iOS® devices with the appropriate App.
Functions: Only one remote control can manage 8 different towel warmers.
The open window function reduces waste and saves energy.
The ASC function anticipates the switch-on time with respect to the settings, increasing comfort and at the same time reducing consumption.
There are 6 preset programs and 3 user programs.
This thermostat can be connected to a 6-order Fil-pilote control unit (available only for Class II).
The block key function can be activated to prevent accidental changes to the settings.

Technical specifications

Operational modes Comfort, Night, Fil-Pilote, Timer2h or Boost2h, Stand-by, Clock-thermostat, Antifreeze, ECO, Open window detection, ASC, Continuous heating, Key lock, Dedicated remote controller, AndroidTM iOSTM compatible
Conformity marking CE
Supply voltage 230 VAC – 50 Hz
Range of supported powers 100 ÷ 1000 W
Selectable temperature range 7°C ÷ 32°C ± 10%
Maximum thermal fuse temperature 152°C
Appliance classes Class I – Class II
IP code IP44
  • Size Fixed unit: 56mm x 56mm x 44mm
  • Remote control: 76mm x 76mm x 31,8mm
Available colours  Available colours White, Chrome Optional: One Plus
Optional One Plus