Dynamic R

This digital chronothermostat for electric radiator has the peculiarity of being able to rotate 350 ° around the resistance. It is provided with a resistance with particular coupling produced by HT S.p.A. on which it is mechanically fixed.
Allows weekly programming with fluid heat transfer and temperature control via the environmental room sensor. The large display, equipped with back light, broadly show each status and mode of use set. There are the functions of open window detection, ASC controller, with 6 fixed programs and 3 settable programs, all the functions of the programmable thermostat. It can be supplied with or without coupled resistance.

Technical specifications

Operational modes Operational modes, functions and display indications Comfort, Night,
Fil-Pilote, Timer2h or Boost2h, Stand-by, Clock-thermostat (9 programs), Antifreeze,
Open window detection, ASC, Continuous heating, Key lock
Conformity marking Œ
Supply voltage 230 VAC – 50 Hz
Range of supported powers 1500 W
Selectable temperature range 7°C ÷ 32°C
Appliance classes Class II
IP code IP44
Size 71mm x 97,5mm x 47mm
Available colours White