Digital Pro

DIGITAL PRO is a touchscreen control module with temperature sensors and can be equipped with WI-FI, RF 868MHz , RF 2,4GHz, IR modules and presence detector (PIR). It is also controllable via smartphone, via a dedicated App. This kit is designed to be integrated into a heating product completely designed or customized by the customer. All the configurations of modules and sensors are configurable.

+ Display TFT

The highlight of this device is its magnificent 2,4’’ TFT touchscreen display, with a resolution of 320 x 240, allows a clear and easy interface with the device and a quick information reading, even in low light conditions.

+ Voice Assistant

This product is compatible with Voice Assistant, and it can be controlled with the voice.

Principal Functions

  • Temperature regulation
  • Weekly programmation
  • Operation modes selection
  • Remotely controllable (IR-RF1-RF2-WiFi)
  • Dedicated Smartphone App
  • Integrated Programmation by Fil-Pilote system


  • Radiators
  • Towel heaters
  • Radiant panels
Power Supplier
Power supply 230V AC +/-10% 50HZ
Max Power 2000W
Operating Temperature From 0 to 60°C
Temperature regulation Range From 7 to 30°C
Temperature Probe 2 NTC probes
Regulation Electronic regulation through PID algorithm
OPTIONAL The device is modular at the discretion of the customer, in fact all the configurations of sensors and transmitters are available

Product configuration codes
The device is modular, you can configure your desired device by composing a code, in according to following instructions:
Code (Standard Version) Description

Code (Standard Version)  Description
IR  IR Reciever
Wi-Fi Module
RF  RadioFrequency (868MHz)
BT  RadioFrequency (2,4GHz)
P  PIR detector

Examples of configuration:
If your desired product will have IR + RF the code will be: DGTPRO-IR-RF
If your desired product will have PIR+ BT+ Wi-Fi the code will be: DGTPRO-P-BT-W

Functional Carachters
Open Window Detection This useful function is activable to reduce electric consumption, the System turns off the heating element when a fast temperature drop is detected.
Wi-Fi You can connect the device to the internet, so you can control it via smartphone even when you are not at home
RF (868MHz) Remotely controllable with Selmo remote controller GALAXY PLUS, with a clear visualization of informations and an easy programmation of all operating modes.
RF (2.4GHz) The device can be controlled remotely via the smartphone with its application or via the Selmo ONE remote control.
Infrared (IR) Disponible also the standard IR reciever; it is remotely controllable with Selmo remote controller GALAXY. It allows to control the device easily and with a clear visualization of settings.
PIR Sensor This optional device discovers the presence of people in the room , with this function, you can decide to heat the room only when there are peolpe in there.
Double NTC Probe Device can be equipped with 2 NTC probes, that permits an optimal room temperature control, through PID algotithm.

Remote controllers



RadioFrequency (868 MHz)

Remote controllers


RadioFrequency (2,4 GHz)

Remote controllers


Connection with Smartphone and dedicated App

Kit Composition


Passive InfraRed Sensor