To ensure the achievement of the objectives of quality and reliability of the product, we analyze all aspects of the project, to apply advanced analytical techniques and process engineering study.

The mechanical design

With a solid experience gained in the thermoplastic industry, Selmo performs product design through CAD (Computer- Aided Design) system and 3D modelling (both virtual and real). Typically, several accurate varnished samples are produced using rapid prototyping, either autonomously or in cooperation with the customer, for supporting the product engineering or for developing a concept design for exposition. The process is implemented through the realization of moulds for thermoplastic injection, which allows the creation of semifinished samples that will be further finalized with varnishing, chrome plating or screen printing.

The electronic design

Since 1988 the company is focused research and development and technological innovation. Selmo has an in-house hardware and software team with extensive experience in the design of a complete range of electronic controls for electric heating devices, household appliances, industrial and electro-medical apparatuses. Every Selmo’s product is designed to be conforming to the CE mark. The whole development cycle is performed and managed with internal resources, autonomously or in steady cooperation with the customers for the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) services. Furthermore, Selmo also supports the customer through the whole process of certification of the finished product at the relevant authorities, providing all the necessary information and know-how.

The manufacturing process

The assembly of the electronics is performed with modern automated SMD lines and with additional manual finishing, followed by accurate functional acceptance tests. The product manufacturing is performed by preparing the electronic parts, which are then interconnected, cabled and placed within a plastic case, followed by a final packaging and labelling according to customer’s specific requirements.

The product validation

Selmo is equipped with a fully instrumented and computerized climatic chamber, capable of measuring every characteristic of the product during the development process; in order to efficiently and rapidly reach the design goals in conformance with the relevant regulations.


Controls for radiators and heated towel rail